Which States have Vape Bans? Here’s What to Know

February 01, 2024 4 min read

Which States Have Vape Bans

Can't find your favorite vape or flavor at your local smoke shop? There may be a few new laws and regulations around vapes in your state. Over the past few years, many states have started to introduce new restrictions on vapes and e-cigarettes. These laws are complex and complicated. What's okay in one state might not be in another. 

To ensure you comply with the laws and regulations in your state, here's a quick breakdown of the current states with a vaping ban and how they differ:

UnderstandingVape Bans

There are many reasons why a state might decide to implement avape ban. The most common reason is the potential health risks and the lack of research on the long-term effects of vapes and e-cigarettes. 

Vapes are still relatively new to the market, which means there's not a ton of research done on the health implications. Most vapes contain nicotine or synthetic nicotine. Nicotine has been linked to common health issues, including high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart disease. 

There is also a rising concern about the impact flavored vapes have on minors and teenagers. To ensure minors are not influenced by the different flavors, many states and cities have implemented a ban on flavored vapes, but not tobacco or menthol flavors. 

States withVape Bans

As of 2024, there are over 10 states that currently have vape bans. 

Here is how those laws differ:


In 2020, California was the second state to implement a flavored vape ban. This was in response to the rising concern that flavored vapes encourage minors to smoke nicotine or tobacco. Their flavored vape banonline pertains to only in-store sales. Flavored vapes can still be purchased online. Non-flavored vapes can also still be purchased in-store.  


Colorado'sflavored vape ban is in effect as of Jan. 1, 2024. This law bans flavored vape products, except for tobacco and menthol. Additionally, Colorado also raised the age limit to purchase vapes to 21. 


It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase or use a vaping product. Connecticut has also implemented aflavored tobacco ban. 


In Delaware, it is illegal to sell flavored single-use disposable vapes. Delaware also raised the legal age to buy tobacco and vaping products to 21. 


Florida passed a law raising the legal age to buy tobacco to 21. The law also banned tobacco-free vaping flavors. 


In 2019, Massachusetts was the first state to implement a state-wide ban on flavored vapes. This ban prohibits the sale of all flavored vapes except for tobacco flavor.

New Jersey

New Jersey has a vaping ban on all flavors except for tobacco. They also increased the tax on vaping products. 

New York

In 2020, New York passed aflavored vape ban. There is also an online sales ban. Individuals residing in New York can not purchase vape products of any kind online. 

Rhode Island

Rhode Island passed a permanent flavored tobacco ban in 2020. This law bans all flavors except for tobacco.  


Vapes are still legal to purchase from licensed retailers in the state of Georgia. However, the state has implemented a ban on online sales. 

South Dakota 

South Dakota has anonline sales vape ban.The shipping of tobacco-based products is prohibited in South Dakota. 


Vermont banned online vape sales. Only businesses that are licensed to sell tobacco can sell vapes and other tobacco-based products online.  

Impact ofVape Bans

Online vape sale bans and flavored tobacco bans are sweeping the nation. These laws are being implemented to protect public health and to lower youth vaping rates. Studies suggest that theflavored vape ban has led to a usage decline among individuals. According to theCDC, e-cigarette usage has declined from 14.1% in 2022 to 10% in 2023. 

Another survey done byNews Medical shows that theflavored vape ban has led to 8.3% of individuals quitting. However, the usage of non-flavored e-cigarettes and vapes rose significantly, from 5.4% to 25.4%.

Thesevape laws and regulations have also led to an increase in black market activities. Many resellers in these different states are turning to black-market vapes. These are vapes that are not regulated. Many of these contain toxic chemicals and ingredients that are not good for public health.

What Consumers Should Know

As a consumer, it's important to understand the legal landscape of vape bans. It's best to stay compliant with the legal regulations to avoid fines and purchasing black-market vapes on accident. 

As moreonline vape sale bans andflavored vape bans continue to grow in popularity, the demand for legitimate products will continue to rise.

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Experience the IGNITE Difference 

At IGNITE, we will continue to deliver a next-level vaping experience to all states that don't have a vaping ban. We also offer tobacco-flavoredvapes for states that only haveflavored vape bans.

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FAQs AboutVape Bans

Can I purchase flavored vapes online?

Many states have implemented laws and regulations around online vape sales. At IGNITE, we can only ship to 40 of the 50 states. There are also some flavor restrictions in six states in the U.S.

What products are included in the different vape bans?

Most vape laws refer to any product that uses nicotine or vaporized liquid. This includes but is not limited to pods, e-juice, cartridges, and single-use flavored vapes. 

Is there a federal ban on vapes?

Federal law prohibits retailers from selling vapes, cigarettes, and other tobacco-based products to anyone under the age of 21. 

Where is vaping legal?

The laws around vaping vary by state and city. There are still many states that allow flavored vapes. This includes Montana, Michigan, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Washington. 

Where is vaping illegal?

Vaping tobacco-flavored vapes is legal in most states for anyone over the age of 21.