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Disposable and discreet, IGNITE's Vape Pens come in assortment of flavors and feature brand new hardware and auto-draw technology. Each pen comes pre-filled with 5% synthetic nicotine for a premium vaping experience. Puffs vary by device.


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Disposable Vape Pens

Disposable and discreet, IGNITE’S Vape Pens come in a variety of delicious, bold flavors and feature luxurious hardware and auto-draw technology. Each pen comes pre-filled with 5% synthetic nicotine for a premium vaping experience. Puffs vary by device

Choosing the right vape pen is all about knowing what you want, what you need. IGNITE offers four sizes of vape pens, each with a different number of puffs. If you’re a light vaper or love mixing it up with a variety of flavors, go for the V3 pens with fewer puffs per pen. Need a dependable, long-lasting vape pen to get you through the day and beyond? Try the V8 with 800+ puffs, or go for the V15 at 1500+ puffs. All of them are pre-filled, pre-charged, and easy to use straight out of the box. When the pen is done, toss it.

Alternatively, go for the newest size offering from IGNITE: the V30, featuring 3,000+ puffs. The granddaddy of disposable vape pens still comes with a long-lasting, pre-charged battery. But this one is rechargeable to ensure your battery lasts as long as the vaping liquid.


Don’t settle. Don’t compromise. IGNITE your life.

IGNITE’s vapes are made with superior components. From the batteries, heating elements and the liquid, our attention to quality gives our devices a less than .005% defect rate, significantly lower than industry average. Giving users the comfort in knowing their device will perform as desired from the 1st puff to the last. *based off of returns/replacement data compared to sales.

At this time, we are unable to ship vape products internationally or to customers in the following state: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Utah, Vermont. There are also certain flavor restrictions based on state and local municipal laws: New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maryland.