PACT Act Vape Mail Shipping Announcement

What the Pact Act means for our Industry:

A recent amendment to a decade-old governmental act was tacked on to a stimulus bill. The original PACT Act, aimed at keeping cigarettes away from underage consumers, made it illegal to ship cigarettes and smokeless tobacco to consumers through the postal service.

But vaping wasn’t a thing in ’09. Now it is. Congress has decided to make it so difficult to ship vaping products that many carriers including U.S.P.S., UPS, and FedEx will soon no longer ship vapes, cartridges, and other related products.

Our advice? Stock up while it’s easy to get shipped to you (the ban takes effect April 27, 2021) and hang in there with us. Be patient if shipping takes a little longer right now. We’re looking into alternatives and working hard to keep you supplied with the incredible product you expect from IGNITE.