Can You Put Water in a Vape?

April 28, 2022 3 min read

Can You Put Water in a Vape?

If you’re new to vaping, at some point it has or will cross your mind to put water in a vape. Maybe you’re only thinking of cleaning your device. But probably your real question is, “Can I vape water?”. You might be assuming it’s less harmful than cigarettes or the chemicals associated with e-liquids used in vape pens. And it’s water…water is always safe, right?

Eh. Not necessarily.

Let’s explore a few common questions about water in vapes:

  • Can you?
  • Should you?
  • Why would you?
  • What happens if you do?

Understanding Vape Ingredients

Before we dive too deep into vaping with water, it’s important to understand regular vape ingredients. Traditional vapes contain a couple of key ingredients, vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). These ingredients are unique in their consistency (how thick they are) and specifically formulated for the vaping experience. They vaporize at a precise temperature, deliver nicotine and flavor, and provide the in-lung sensation and exhalation of the vape cloud you’ve come to expect.

Adding Water to a Vape Pen

Can you add water to a vape pen or a vape tank? Technically, yes, assuming it’s refillable and reusable. Experienced vapers may use a small amount of water to dilute highly concentrated e-liquids. (There are safer and better alternative products to dilute the liquid with, though.) And it may be a good idea to use water to occasionally clean it out. In general, it’s best to always follow the manufacturer’s product and safety instructions.

Now for the real question you’re *actually* asking…can you vape water?

Can I Vape Water?

Smoking or vaping is a habit. With or without nicotine, there’s something soothing and calming about the whole process. You likely have vaped or smoked for a lot of reasons: to relax, the flavor, or even just the ritual. It also just looks damn cool: the seductive exhale, the lazy smoke drifting. There’s a reason commercials from other eras (now illegal) capitalized on that cool factor. 

That being said, there’s undeniable evidence traditional cigarettes pose a danger to your health. As for newer e-cigarettes and vapes, the evidence is mixed as to whether the habit is safe—even if it’s considered safer than old-school cigarettes. That’s why many are curious about other alternatives, such as vaping with water.

If you’re still wanting the ritual, the feeling of a vaporized substance in your lungs, and the relaxing exhalation of a cloud, vaping water may have come to mind, but you should think twice.

Before you consider vaping water as a “healthier alternative,” here is a list of the flaws with it.

  • The sensation isn’t there. Vaping water doesn’t have the same consistency as vaping e-liquids.
  • The exhale isn’t there. Once inhaled, vaporized water quickly condenses and turns back into, well…water. At best, you’ll blow out thin, colorless steam. 
  • Water vapor won’t carry flavor well. Even if you combine it with a flavor, the best you’ll get is a weak smell of the flavor, not the taste.
  • It’s psychologically unsatisfying. It just isn’t the same.

Can You Put Water in a Vape Pen

Is It Safe to Vape Water?

You understand all the reasons not to put water in a vape, but you’re still curious if it’s safe to vape water. After all, it’s still just water. And even if it doesn’t produce the same sensation, maybe you still want to try it. Just to see.

It’s safe, right? No, not really!

Vaping water has its own specific, unique set of risks. Inhaling superheated, vaporized water can burn your mouth, your lips, your tongue, and even damage your throat. This could actually lead to problems speaking (scorched voice box) and in extreme cases, could burn your lungs or contribute to pneumonia.

Yikes! Totally not worth it. To reiterate, vaping water is not a safe alternative to vaping e-liquids.

If you’re just hell-bent and determined to try it anyway, first consider what it’s like to breathe in the steam from a pot of hot water…it’s pretty much that. 

Best Vaping Experience

Now that you understand why vaping with water is a bad idea, let’s get back to positive vaping experiences. For the best vaping experience, find a reputable company that puts out consistently high-quality products. Understand what exactly is in your vape. After all, that’s why you even considered vaping water. 

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